Experience Ace No 3: The Epitome of Burger Perfection

An Introduction to Ace No 3

Ace No 3 – Belmont Village is a renowned burger joint that has successfully set its roots in the hearts of locals. This counter-service spot, a brainchild of High Tide Hospitality, stands as the third restaurant concept from the company. The establishment, which opened its doors in 2019, has consistently garnered the title of ‘Best Burger’ from Charlotte Magazine.

A Menu That Speaks for Itself

Ace No 3’s menu is a testament to its ‘less is more’ mentality. It’s a limited menu that focuses on quality over quantity. The Ace, the namesake burger of the joint, is a must-try for every first-timer. This award-winning burger consists of two slices of American cheese, sandwiched between two 1/4 lb hand-formed patties that are grilled smash-style. It’s complemented with house-made pickles, grilled onions, and a distinctive Comeback sauce.

Ace No 3 - Belmont Village

Embracing Diverse Dietary Preferences

Ace No 3’s menu is not just about meat-based burgers. It also includes a house-made plant patty that has won the hearts of vegans. This plant patty is free from nuts, soy, dairy, and gluten when served on a keto bun or lettuce wrap. This inclusive offering has garnered a dedicated following of Plant Patty lovers.

The Complete Dining Experience

At Ace No 3, it’s not just about the burgers. The extra crispy fries or the soft sweet potato tater tots are the perfect sides to complement the entrees. To wash it all down, patrons can choose from a range of Coca-Cola products, craft beers, or Boozee milkshakes. The Choc N’ Skrewed is a fan favorite milkshake that you can customize with a full lineup of quality liquors.

Ace No 3 - Belmont Village

A Legacy in the Making

The establishment’s dedication to quality, right from the ingredients to the customer service, has made it one of the beloved burger spots in Charlotte. Despite the wait time, which some may find a bit long, it’s the amazing meal that matters most to the customer. Ace No 3 is not just about the food; it’s about the entire experience. From the crunchiest fries to the vibe inside the restaurant, it is a place where every burger lover would want to be. The restaurant now boasts three locations across the Charlotte-Metro, each carrying the same ethos that has made the brand a neighborhood favorite.

Visit Ace No 3 Today

Experience the best of burgers at the 1001 Belmont Ave location of Ace No 3. Join the many patrons who have discovered their neighborhood spot for the ultimate burger experience. Whether it’s the signature Ace burger, the vegan-friendly Plant Patty, or the delicious sides and shakes, Ace No 3 promises a dining experience that will leave you coming back for more.

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