AQUA e VINO – An Authentic Taste of Italy in Charlotte

Transportive Italian Charm in an Intimate Setting

Nestled away in Charlotte’s cozy Strawberry Hill neighborhood, AQUA e VINO envelops guests in the charm of an Italian trattoria. The intimate space exudes the ambiance of dining in Northern Italy, with its chic yet modest decor. Through the vision of proprietor and Chef Gabriele Grigolon, the restaurant provides an authentically Italian refuge, from the hospitable service to the thoughtfully crafted menu.

Capturing Italy’s Vibrant Flavors with Local, Seasonal Ingredients

Chef Grigolon’s extensive culinary experiences across Europe’s top dining destinations shape AQUA e VINO’s seasonal menu. With focaccia baked daily and pasta handcrafted in-house, the dishes showcase fresh local ingredients. Specialty provisions sourced globally add unique touches to already vibrant Mediterranean flavors. The menu evolves with the seasons, allowing return diners to savor new specialties during each visit.


Warm Hospitality and Charming Service Bringing People Together

In addition to superb food, AQUA e VINO’s personable service fosters a welcoming, neighborhood atmosphere. Many of the knowledgeable waitstaff hail from Italy themselves, answering questions and providing recommendations that make guests feel immediately at ease. Chef Grigolon often greets diners tableside with true Italian warmth. This attention to hospitality elevates the cozy trattoria setting.


Impeccable Wine Pairings for Every Palate

With its focused wine list and specialty cocktails, the bar program perfectly complements Chef Grigolon’s cuisine. The well-curated list features acclaimed Italian varietals that effortlessly pair with each dish. Creative cocktails utilizing Italian liquors and wines also help transport patrons abroad. Guests can sip an Aperol Spritz while enjoying complementary beignets with marinara, as if they’ve escaped to a cafe in Naples.

An Exemplary Taste of Authentic Italian Dining in Charlotte

For locals seeking to be whisked away to an Italian dining experience without leaving North Carolina, AQUA e VINO is an excellent choice. From handcrafted pastas to tender veal cutlets, the cuisine encapsulates the flavors of Italy. And the charming hospitality of Chef Grigolon and staff provides the final ingredient – a sense of family – that makes AQUA e VINO feel as an authentic trattoria should. It’s a cozy home away from home for Italian food lovers.


AQUA e VINO: Culinary Traditions with Fresh, Regional Ingredients

AQUA e VINO pays homage to Northern Italy’s culinary excellence by utilizing local and imported ingredients in each dish. Seasonal produce sourced from the region ensures freshness in staples like pasta and sauces. Unique provisions exclusive to Italy add another layer of authenticity. This blending of tradition and quality ingredients provides a genuine taste of Italy.

Wine and Hospitality: Core Aspects of the Italian Dining Experience

No Italian meal is complete without proper wine pairings and hospitality. AQUA e VINO offers an array of acclaimed Italian wines that complement each dish. And the warm service makes patrons feel like extended family visiting Chef Grigolon’s home. This combination encapsulates the convivial spirit of dining in Italy.


AQUA e VINO: Passion for Details Elevates the Overall Experience

From scratch-made breads to tableside visits from the chef, it’s clear every detail has been thoughtfully considered at AQUA e VINO. Chef Grigolon’s passion shines through in the execution of each dish. This fine attention makes the intimate restaurant feel truly exceptional.


AQUA e VINO: A Memorable Trip to Italy Without Leaving North Carolina

Ultimately, everything from the food to the ambiance transports guests to Northern Italy at AQUA e VINO. Its charming hospitality, authentic flavors, and meticulous preparation provide an immersive Italian escape. Locals who crave the tastes of Italy can find it all in this cozy Charlotte gem.

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