Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop

Since 2019, Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop has been serving playful yet crave-worthy comfort fare in Charlotte’s Park Road Shopping Center. Conceived by local restaurateur Fran Scibelli, Fat Cat pairs chef-driven burgers and salads with housemade bakery items. Their menu celebrates the indulgent with unexpected twists.

Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop: A Casual Food Adventure

Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop
Hidden in Charlotte’s dynamic dining scene, one finds the gem that is Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop. This lively establishment, known for its unique blend of a bakery and traditional burger joint, offers more than just a meal – it’s a culinary adventure.

A Cheerful, Family-Friendly Eatery

Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop
Step inside Fat Cat and be welcomed by a bright, laidback dining room dotted with pops of cheery decor. Quick-witted chalkboard signs add personality throughout. A peek into the open kitchen provides glimpses of burgers sizzling on the flattop.Kids find entertainment in cleverly named sandwiches like the “Chester Cheetah” grilled cheese. Adults appreciate the full bar shaking up fresh martinis and spiked shakes. Fat Cat’s playful vibe invites families and friend groups to kick back and relish the crave-worthy fare.
Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop

A Journey of Flavors Begins

Nestled in a cozy neighborhood, Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop occupies a spot once filled by Fran’s Filling Station. The dynamic restaurateur, Fran Scibelli, is the mastermind behind this new concept. Her knack for creating family-friendly atmospheres is well-known in Charlotte, and it’s no less apparent here. The new adventure begins with the endearing walk-up donut window, a unique and delightful touch, adding a sprinkle of charm to the overall experience.

Imaginative Made-From-Scratch Dishes

While the atmosphere delights, the flavors seal the deal at Fat Cat. Scibelli and her culinary team craft each dish from scratch, sourcing quality ingredients to create bold yet comforting plates. Signatures like the “Fat Franny” chicken sandwich surprise with unexpected flavors like honey drizzle and kimchi slaw.

Beyond burgers, salads like the wedge tossed in cilantro ranch showcase the chef’s knack for making classics new again. Daily soup specials encourage return visits to discover more of the inventive made-in-house menu.

The Heart of the Bakeshop

At the heart of this establishment, one finds the bakery. Here, handmade stars are born. Fresh donuts, cakes, and other sweet treats are prepared with passion and precision, ensuring a delightful end to any meal. The donuts, particularly, have garnered rave reviews – patrons often can’t resist devouring them before even reaching home. These little spheres of joy are, in many ways, the epitome of Fat Cat’s ethos: fun, unpretentious, and irresistible.

Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop: Housemade Bakery Items

In addition to its restaurant menu, Fat Cat houses its own bakery turning out sweet and savory treats daily. Their signature walk-up donut window draws crowds who pass warm glazed doughnuts hand-to-hand. Inside, the bakery case overflows with cookies, pies, cakes and more.

Many dine-in patrons take dessert to go, torn between the whoopie pies, tres leches cake and other confections. For Scibelli, the bakery remains central to the Fat Cat concept, sharing the joy of made-from-scratch sweets.

Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop: An Indulgent Yet Playful Addition to Charlotte’s Dining Scene

Since opening just three years ago, Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop has carved out a niche serving chef-driven comfort fare in a lively setting. Their creative sandwiches, salads, and sides inventively reimagine familiar dishes. The in-house bakery provides the sweet finish to a satisfying meal.

For Charlotteans seeking playfully indulgent dishes, Fat Cat promises joy through crave-worthy flavors. This neighborhood spot turns comfort food into an art form.

The Verdict

With its whimsical vibe, inventive made-from-scratch dishes, and in-house bakery, Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop offers a one-of-a-kind comfort food experience. Their menu surprises with unexpected flavors in burgers, salads, and sides while impressing diners with skilled preparation. Satisfy sweet cravings at the signature donut window. For feel-good food done creatively, Fat Cat delivers.

Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop: Burgers Beyond the Ordinary

While the bakery is the soul of Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop, the burgers are its beating heart. Each burger tells a story, a testament to the creativity and culinary skill behind the menu. From the delectable signature burger to the unique lamb burger, variety and innovation are key. Even vegetarians have plenty of options, with dishes like the Impossible Burger and Fried Cauliflower receiving high praise.

A Delightful Dining Experience

Beyond the food, the service at Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop is another highlight. Welcoming and friendly staff contribute to the overall warm atmosphere, making patrons feel at home. The passionate owner, Fran, often takes the time to interact with guests, her energy and enthusiasm adding a personal touch to the dining experience.

In Summary

To wrap it up, Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop is more than just a dining spot – it’s a culinary voyage. From the moment one steps through its doors, they’re welcomed into a world of flavors, textures, and aromas that engage all the senses. The bakery offers an array of delicious, house-made treats, while the burger menu provides a variety of innovative and appetizing options.

The staff, from the servers to the owner, are friendly, welcoming, and passionate about what they do, ensuring that each guest’s experience is a positive one. Whether you are a local looking for a new favorite spot, or a visitor seeking a unique dining experience, Fat Cat Burgers & Bakeshop offers something for everyone. The harmonious blend of welcoming atmosphere, inventive food, and top-notch service makes it a must-visit destination in Charlotte’s dining scene.

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