Q Tavern – Elevated Hotel Dining in Uptown Charlotte

Located in the Fairfield Inn & Suites in bustling Uptown, Q Tavern brings unexpected sophistication and locally-sourced cuisine to hotel dining. Since opening, this contemporary gastropub has exceeded expectations with its creative takes on Southern fare, craft cocktails, and welcoming service. Both hotel guests and Charlotte residents have embraced it as an urban foodie destination.

A Rich Culinary Experience at Q Tavern

An exploration of Q Tavern reveals an eclectic menu that entices the palate. One of the standout dishes is the spinach salad with blackened mahi mahi. It is adorned with sliced almonds, strawberries, onion, and bacon, and is served with a raspberry vinaigrette. This combination might seem unusual at first, but the result is a delightful burst of flavors that will leave a lasting impression
Q Tavern
The restaurant’s culinary delights don’t stop there. The avocado grilled cheese sandwich with three different cheeses and the Mac and Cheese with Pimento Cheese have both made a significant impression on visitors. A must-try for anyone seeking a unique dining experience in Charlotte.
Stepping into Q Tavern, guests encounter chic, modern decor with industrial touches. The space features polished concrete floors, wood accents, and pendant lighting. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light by day and create a voyeuristic street view by night. Tables, booths, and bar seating provide options for intimate gatherings or larger groups. The vibe is upscale yet approachable.

Q Tavern: Southern Fare with Global Accents

Q Tavern’s menu incorporates diverse global influences while showcasing regional ingredients. Small plates like the NC poutine with pulled pork and house-made sausage demonstrate culinary creativity. Salads elevated by ingredients like strawberries and almonds, alongside sandwiches stacked with cured meats, satisfy lighter appetites.
Heartier entrees include expertly seared fish, juicy burgers, and pasta specials. Sides like truffle mac and cheese pair nicely. The bar shakes up craft cocktails incorporating unique local spirits and produce. It intertwines global flavors with regional offerings.
Q Tavern

Locally-Sourced Ingredients

From produce to proteins to beverages, Q Tavern prides itself on sourcing from North Carolina farms, fisheries, and other food artisans. This commitment to local ingredients shines through in the freshness and flavor of each dish and drink. The restaurant works closely with area vendors to obtain seasonal bounty.
Fairfield Inn & Suites
Dishes like the grilled NC trout or the spinach salad with local berries demonstrate this attention to sourcing. It’s relationships with nearby breweries, distilleries, and wineries also bolster the drink menu. Supporting local allows Q Tavern to deliver the best the state has to offer.
Q Tavern

Cocktails That Impress

In addition to its well-curated wine and beer lists, Q Tavern makes creative cocktails the focal point of its bar program. Patrons rave about specialties like the Breakfast Shot, featuring bacon bourbon and maple syrup. Seasonal offerings like the summer peach sangria keep the menu dynamic.

Experienced bartenders craft each drink with care, evident in the balanced flavors. Their ability to customize cocktails to individual tastes makes regulars feel special. For craft beverages in a refined yet relaxed setting, Q Tavern hits the mark.

The People Behind the Scenes

The restaurant staff at Q Tavern contributes significantly to the overall experience. From the bartender, Lynsey, whose knowledge and expertise about Charlotte’s nightlife and neighborhoods are spot on, to Shauna, whose pleasant personality makes the night enjoyable, the staff here are dedicated to ensuring each guest has a memorable experience.

Service That Goes Above and Beyond

Q Tavern’s friendly, polished service enhances the dining experience. Servers and bartenders get to know frequent diners by name and cater to their preferences. Their attentiveness ensures patrons always have what they need, be it a drink refill or charger for a dead phone battery.

The staff’s knowledge of menus, ingredients, and preparation styles helps guide customers’ choices. Their passion for providing memorable hospitality matches the care put into the food and drinks. Even when bustling, Q Tavern’s service stays smooth and welcoming.

Q Tavern: An Alluring Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Q Tavern is one of its most enticing features. It is nestled in the Fairfield Suites Uptown Charlotte, offering an ambiance that doesn’t feel like Charlotte at all. With its poolside cocktail hour, it feels more like a hidden gem in New York. This immersion into a different world is complemented by an array of nightly specials at the bar.

Q Tavern: An Elevated Hotel Dining Experience

Dining at Q Tavern feels worlds away from typical hotel fare. The contemporary space and cuisine exceed expectations. Business travelers, weekenders, and Charlotte residents alike have embraced this unique hotel gem. Its outstanding food, drink, and service make it a worthy downtown dining destination.

Whether enjoying an intimate dinner or gathering with friends, Q Tavern delivers. Hotel guests appreciate a refined meal without leaving the premises. For those seeking a high-end experience with downtown convenience, Q Tavern hits the mark.

The Unexpected Surprise

Despite being located in a hotel, Q Tavern offers top-notch, locally-inspired cuisine that rivals any stand-alone restaurant. From the NC poutine to the flounder and sweet potato fries, every dish is a testament to the culinary skills of the chef. The commitment to fresh, farm-to-table ingredients is evident in the taste of each dish, leaving diners pleasantly surprised and overly impressed.

The Verdict

With its creative Southern fare, hand-crafted cocktails, and personable service, Q Tavern offers an elevated gastropub experience. The welcoming atmosphere allows both special occasion and casual dining. Comfortable booths, an inviting bar, and people-watching patio seating provide versatile options. Hotel guests and Charlotte locals find much to love in this urban eatery. For a taste of the South’s bounty with global accents, Q Tavern is a new local favorite.

In Conclusion

The verdict is clear: Q Tavern has proven itself to be worthy of the high praise it receives. It is a testament to the vibrant culinary scene in Charlotte, a city that continues to surprise and delight food lovers with its diverse offerings. Q Tavern is a hidden gem in Charlotte’s dining scene. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the city, a trip to Q Tavern is sure to be a memorable one. The restaurant’s commitment to quality food, exceptional service, and a unique dining atmosphere makes it a must-visit destination when you’re in Charlotte. Excellent food, great ambiance, and a friendly staff – what more could one ask for?

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