Royal African Cuisine

Royal African Cuisine: Authentic African Cuisine in Charlotte

Royal African Cuisine is a family-owned restaurant located in East Charlotte that offers authentic African cuisine from countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal. This hidden gem provides an opportunity to experience the rich flavors of West Africa without leaving North Carolina. The friendly owners, Frank and his wife, aim to share their culture’s food with the people of Charlotte.
Royal African Cuisine
The restaurant has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Traditional African art decorates the walls. Frank is usually present to greet customers. His wife and other family members work in the kitchen, hand-preparing each dish from scratch. This leads to wait times of 20-30 minutes, but it ensures the freshness and authenticity of every plate.

Royal African Cuisine: A Haven of Flavors

The moment one steps into Royal African Cuisine, a sense of anticipation builds. The menu offers a diverse selection, each dish promising a unique blend of tastes. Here, the fufu and egusi prove to be favorites among visitors. The Egusi soup, a West African delicacy, teases the palate with its rich flavors. However, the fufu might catch a few off-guard with its distinct taste. Even regulars of African restaurants find it a tad different. But it’s this uniqueness that adds to the charm of this local eatery.

Royal African Cuisine: Signature Dishes

Royal African Cuisine
Royal African Cuisine has a menu filled with traditional options. Customer favorites include the jollof rice, egusi soup, and banga soup. The jollof rice, a tomato-based rice dish from West Africa, is flavored with spices and meat or fish. It is mildly spicy with a rich aroma. The egusi soup contains leafy greens and other vegetables in a thick, peanut-based broth. Pieces of beef make it a hearty, filling soup. The banga soup features a peppery palm nut broth with catfish and assorted vegetables.
In addition to soups and rice dishes, Royal African Cuisine offers entrees like wakye, a mix of rice and black-eyed peas topped with vegetables and your choice of beef or chicken. The chicken and beef are always moist and flavorful. Side dishes include dodo (fried plantains), puff puff (fried dough), and fufu (a dough-like staple made from starchy vegetables).

The Joys of Jollof Rice

Royal African Cuisine
One cannot overlook the Jollof rice at this establishment. As a staple of African cuisine, it holds a special place on the menu and in the hearts of diners. The Jollof rice here, paired with vegetables or chicken, creates a symphony of flavors that leaves one longing for more. The chicken, cooked to perfection, complements the rice dish beautifully.

An Authentic Experience

Dining at Royal African Cuisine provides an authentic African dining experience. Many dishes reflect family recipes passed down through generations. The food contains traditional ingredients and packs the signature heat of West African cuisine. Those missing the food of their homeland give rave reviews. The restaurant also provides an opportunity for newcomers to discover the diversity of African food.
Royal African Cuisine
While the wait time means dining at Royal African Cuisine requires patience, customers agree the food is worth it. The personable service also helps make the wait more pleasant. Frank and his wife aim to make each guest feel like part of the family. Their pride in sharing the food of their culture is evident.

Service with a Smile

Beyond the food, it’s the warm, friendly service that makes the experience truly memorable. Even during the busiest hours, the staff maintain an affable demeanor, adding to the overall welcoming vibe of the place. The wait might be a tad long, but the staff ensure that it’s worthwhile. Their recommendations, light-hearted jokes, and attentive service make the wait easier.

A Taste of Home

Royal African Cuisine
For those seeking a taste of home, Royal African Cuisine does not disappoint. Their dishes, like the banga soup, evoke a sense of nostalgia among diners. The Jollof rice with chicken and dodo, a popular choice, has many hooked. The food is always ready in a timely manner, typically within 20-30 minutes.

Worth the Trip

Royal African Cuisine is tucked away in East Charlotte, but it merits going out of your way to visit. This local business is bringing delicious, hard-to-find African dishes to the city. It provides a culinary trip to West Africa without the lengthy flight. Those seeking an authentic ethnic dining experience will find it here.

The Verdict

Royal African Cuisine
In conclusion, Royal African Cuisine is a hidden gem that offers an authentic African culinary experience. The diversity in their menu, the richness of their flavors, and their warm service make it a must-visit place in Charlotte. Whether it’s the Jollof rice, the banga soup, or the fufu, the food here is prepared with love and served with a smile. It’s not just about the food, it’s about the experience, the sense of community, and the feeling of home that this place offers. So, if you find yourself in the area, do stop by. Sit back, relax, and let the flavors take you on a journey across Africa.

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