Roy’s Kitchen & Patio

Since opening in 2021, Roy’s Kitchen & Patio has been dishing up flavorful Caribbean cuisine in Charlotte’s eclectic NoDa neighborhood. Their menu spotlights island staples like oxtails, curry goat, and jerk chicken. A laidback patio and reggae soundtrack round out the transportive island dining experience.

A Symphony of Flavors at Roy’s Kitchen & Patio

Nestled in the heart of Noda, a gastronomic phenomenon known as Roy’s Kitchen & Patio mesmerizes locals and visitors alike. The establishment’s inviting atmosphere pulsates with the rhythm of a reggae soundtrack, setting the scene for a culinary journey that transcends the typical dining experience.

Roy’s Kitchen & Patio: A Festive Caribbean Escape in NoDa


Step inside Roy’s and instantly feel whisked away to a beachside Caribbean getaway. Reggae classics play over the chatter of diners savoring island fare. Pops of tropical color enliven the casual interior. The sprawling back patio provides al fresco island vibes.Roy’s evokes the easygoing spirit of the islands through its chill ambiance. Sipping a rum cocktail beside steaming oxtail stew makes Roy’s patio feel miles away from bustling NoDa. The festive yet relaxed setting enhances the Caribbean cuisine.

Roy’s Kitchen & Patio: A Vacation Vibe in the Midst of the City


At Roy’s Kitchen & Patio, the atmosphere exudes a vacation-friendly vibe. This ambiance becomes apparent when one steps onto the premises, with its lush patio and the tantalizing aroma of the kitchen’s specialties wafting through the air. A full-service bar, boasting a vast selection of rum-based cocktails, complements this vacation atmosphere.

Roy’s Kitchen & Patio:Mouthwatering Island Classics

While the carefree atmosphere delights, Roy’s shines brightest through its authentic island flavors. The menu spotlights Jamaican and other Caribbean classics from oxtail stew to curry goat roti wraps. Jerk chicken and rice, served with perfect char, provides a taste of beachside jerk shacks.

Beyond entrees, starters like salt fish fritters and sides like fried plantains offer a deep dive into island cooking. Every dish bursts with the complex seasonings that define the creole cuisine of the islands.

Culinary Specialties that Delight the Palate

The restaurant’s culinary offerings are a testament to its commitment to quality and flavor. Specialties such as Oxtails, curry goat, and perfectly seasoned rotisserie chicken have become favorites among patrons. The culinary team’s dedication to perfecting these dishes is palpable in every bite.

Cocktails to Match the Cuisine

To complement the cuisine, Roy’s offers a full bar with an emphasis on rum-based Caribbean cocktails. Fruity rum punches provide a taste of resort bars across the islands. Seasonal sangria options also reflect the islands’ bounty.Enjoying jerk chicken alongside a rum-laced cocktail makes transport to the islands complete. Roy’s bar menu nicely accompanies the cuisine.

Bringing the Islands to NoDa

Since opening its doors, Roy’s Kitchen & Patio has expanded Charlotte’s culinary diversity by bringing authentic island flavors to NoDa. Their menu spotlights standout dishes like oxtail stew, curry goat, and perfectly seasoned jerk chicken. Caribbean vibes flow from the reggae soundtrack and lively patio.For a satisfying taste of the islands sans the airfare, Roy’s provides a wallet-friendly Caribbean escape. This neighborhood spot merits a visit for a mouthwatering taste of the islands.

A Dining Experience That Resonates

Beyond the enticing menu, the experience at Roy’s Kitchen & Patio is amplified by the exceptional service. Patrons consistently laud the friendly and attentive staff who ensure a memorable dining experience. Whether it’s an anniversary celebration or a casual lunch, every visit to this establishment is an occasion to remember.

The Verdict

With its authentic Caribbean dishes, rum cocktails, and laidback patio ambiance, Roy’s Kitchen & Patio offers a transportive island dining experience. Their scratch-made menu spotlights complexly flavored staples like jerk chicken, oxtail stew, and curries. Kick back with a tropical drink on the lively patio and you’ll feel whisked away to the islands. For island flavors close to home, Roy’s delivers big.

A Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback at Roy’s Kitchen & Patio is testament to its quality and service. From the flavorful curry chicken with roti to the heat-infused habanero wings, every dish is designed to astound the senses. The team’s willingness to rectify any complications and exceed customer expectations further solidifies their commitment to an exceptional dining experience.

A Diverse Menu for Diverse Tastes

The extensive menu at Roy’s Kitchen & Patio caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. From empanadas to jerk chicken sandwiches, the options are sure to satisfy any palate. Even the side dishes, such as the vibrant roasted vegetables and hearty collards, shine with culinary excellence.

The Allure of the Patio

The outdoor area of Roy’s Kitchen & Patio is a destination in itself. The large patio, adorned with vibrant colors, provides an inviting setting for enjoying the restaurant’s delectable offerings. Whether one prefers to unwind with a cocktail or savor a meal under the stars, the patio offers an idyllic setting.


Roy’s Kitchen & Patio is more than just a dining venue; it’s a culinary haven that offers a vacation-like experience right in the heart of Noda. Its impressive array of delectable dishes, exceptional service, and vibrant ambiance create a dining experience that resonates with patrons. Whether it’s the first visit or the hundredth, Roy’s Kitchen & Patio consistently delivers a symphony of flavors that leaves one yearning for the next culinary adventure. Located at 3112 N Davidson St, it invites everyone to partake in this unique gastronomic experience.

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