Boxcar Betty’s

Authentic Southern Flavor at Boxcar Betty’s

Located inside Optimist Hall, Boxcar Betty’s dishes out crave-worthy Southern comfort food in Charlotte. This counter-serve spot focuses on fried chicken sandwiches, classic sides, and handspun shakes using high-quality ingredients. Run by a dedicated team, Boxcar Betty’s brings a taste of Southern hospitality through its scratch-made food and friendly service.

Fresh, Juicy Chicken Sandwiches

Boxcar Betty’s specialty is crispy fried chicken sandwiches made from fresh, never frozen chicken breast fillets. The chicken is carefully trimmed, seasoned, and hand battered before frying to golden perfection. It then gets stacked on soft brioche buns alongside toppings like comeback sauce, pimento cheese, coleslaw, and pickles. Customers can choose from classic sandwiches like the Plain Jane or specialty options like the Not So Waffle with maple syrup and sriracha mayo.

Boxcar Betty’s

Southern-Style Sides

Signature Favorites

While all the chicken sandwiches satisfy, a few rise to signature status. The Boxcar Betty features crunchy coleslaw and sweet pickled green tomatoes. Fans of heat love the Buffalo Chicken doused in tangy buffalo sauce with creamy blue cheese dressing. Those with a sweet tooth opt for the Not So Waffle’s harmony of sweet and spicy. And the Plain Jane keeps things simple but delicious. Guests can also order a flight to sample mini versions of different sandwiches.

Southern Sides

No chicken sandwich meal is complete without some classic Southern sides. Boxcar Betty’s hand cuts and fries potatoes to order into crispy fries or sweet potato fries. They also serve up fried okra, housemade chips, creamy mac and cheese, and greens like collard or baked beans. The array of dipping sauces, from comeback and ranch to honey mustard and barbecue, add even more flavor.

Boxcar Betty’s

Beyond Fried Chicken

Though fried chicken might be the specialty, Boxcar Betty’s menu has options beyond sandwiches. Lighter picks include salads topped with fried or grilled chicken. Kids can nibble on chicken tenders and bites made from the same juicy chicken breasts. Vegetarians will love the fried avocado sandwich stacked with smoky pimento cheese.latin American-inspired empanadas make for a handheld meat or veggie meal.

Indulgent Shakes

Don’t forget to leave room for Boxcar Betty’s thick, creamy milkshakes. Available in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Oreo, and peanut butter banana, the shakes provide the perfect sweet finish. Made from premium ice cream, the shakes have the ideal rich, smooth texture. Grab a shake to accompany your meal or satisfy your sweet tooth.

At Optimist Hall

Foodies can find Boxcar Betty’s at Optimist Hall, a trendy adaptive reuse food hall located in an old textile mill. The building now houses several restaurants, bars, shops and event spaces. Thanks to its prime location in Optimist Park, it draws hungry crowds. Boxcar Betty’s counter sits alongside spots dishing up tacos, baked goods, coffee, noodles and more in a lively dining space.

Boxcar Betty’s

Quick, Casual Service

As a counter-service spot, Boxcar Betty’s offers speedy service that’s perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Guests order at the counter, find a seat in the bustling hall, and servers deliver the food shortly after. While there may be a line at peak times, it moves efficiently. The friendly staff happily answers menu questions and makes recommendations. Takeout is also a popular option for enjoying Boxcar Betty’s signature sandwiches anywhere.

Reasonable Prices

Given the fresh ingredients and scratch preparation, Boxcar Betty’s prices are reasonable. Their fried chicken sandwiches range from $9-12, with sides around $3-5 each. Milkshakes are $6. When factoring in the quality food and service in a trendy setting, Boxcar Betty’s offers an excellent value.

Southern Comfort Food Done Right

With its focus on authentic flavors, scratch cooking methods, and quality ingredients, Boxcar Betty’s delivers superior Southern comfort food. Their juicy fried chicken sandwiches, classic sides, and handspun shakes bring a taste of the South to Charlotte. For crave-worthy takes on classics, Boxcar Betty’s is a must-visit local favorite.

With its focus on high-quality ingredients, scratch cooking techniques, and authentic Southern spirit, this eatery has perfected the art of comfort food. Their juicy fried chicken sandwiches pop with flavor. Classic sides like mac and cheese and collard greens transport diners to a Southern kitchen. Thick, creamy shakes provide the perfect sweet finish. Thanks to outstanding food, quick yet welcoming service, and a prime location in Optimist Hall, Boxcar Betty’s has become a cherished favorite for Charlotte residents and visitors alike. For a truly indulgent taste of the South made from scratch, this spot is a must-try local eatery not to be missed.

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