Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ

Opened in 2022, Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ brings an elevated take on classic dog joints to Charlotte’s Cotswold neighborhood. In addition to loaded hot dogs, their menu offers BBQ plates and sandwiches. Axe throwing, games, and local brews make Crave a one-of-a-kind hangout.

Located in the Cotswold area of Charlotte, Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ dishes out tasty hot dogs, BBQ and sides with a focus on creative flavors and exceptional service. Open since 2022, this hot dog joint aims to satisfy cravings with its menu of loaded dogs, saucy BBQ, and fresh sides.

A Laidback Spot for Dogs and Fun

Step inside Crave and instantly feel the welcoming, laidback vibe. Long tables encourage big groups while games like Jenga keep kids entertained. Pop music plays as customers sip local brews and biting into juicy dogs.

The casual, lively setting pairs perfectly with Crave’s menu of amped-up hot dogs and saucy BBQ. Kids play while adults indulge in menu standouts. For great food and good times, Crave sets the stage.

Loaded Hot Dog Creations

The diverse hot dog menu steals the show at Crave. Patrons can build their own dogs or opt for signature creations like the Memphis dog piled with pulled pork and slaw or the Chillin’ Cheese dog smothered in chili and cheese. Adventurous diners dream up dogs with extra toppings like pineapple and jalapeños. With the creative possibilities, Crave allows guests to customize the perfect hot dog.

Gourmet Hot Dogs Taken to the Next Level

While the vibe charms, the creative dogs shine brightest at Crave. Their menu elevates humble hot dogs with gourmet toppings and sauces. The Memphis dog comes loaded with pulled pork and tangy slaw. Chili cheese and bacon stuffed options prove equally decadent.From single dogs to foot-long doubles, patrons customize their ideal loaded dog. Crave embraces the fun of hot dogs while taking flavors over the top through quality meats and toppings.

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ: Mouthwatering BBQ

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ
In addition to hot dogs, Crave offers tender, tangy BBQ ranging from pulled chicken and pork to sliced brisket. Platters like the Taco Trio highlight the deliciously sauced meats. Brisket and pulled pork also star in sandwiches oozing with flavor. The BBQ options provide a satisfying counterpart to the loaded dogs.

Mouthwatering BBQ Plates and Sandwiches

Beyond hot dogs, Crave’s BBQ options impress diners with juicy, smoky meats. Plates like the taco trio allow sampling chicken, pork, and brisket in one go. Chopped brisket loaded onto mac and cheese delivers comfort and decadence.

On sandwiches, sliced brisket and pulled pork come piled high on brioche buns. BBQ options cater to any slow-cooked meat cravings.

Fresh Housemade Sides

Crave takes its side dishes just as seriously as the dogs and BBQ. Fries, slaw, baked beans and other classics arrive freshly made in-house. Unique options like black bean and corn salad or baked mac and cheese liven up the menu. Every crunchy, creamy or tangy side provides the perfect complement to the bold main dishes.

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ: An All-Round Fun Hangout for Locals

Since opening just months ago, Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ has won over residents seeking a lively neighborhood hangout. Their decked-out dogs, saucy BBQ, axe throwing lanes, games and local brews offer fun for all ages.

For Charlotteans seeking a casual spot for great food, drinks and entertainment, Crave fires on all cylinders. This Cotswold eatery brings the neighborhood together through family fun.

Local Craft Beer

Washing down the BBQ and dogs, Crave offers an excellent selection of local brews. The self-serve beer wall allows diners to sample Charlotte-based breweries to pair with their meal. With 20+ taps pouring regional IPAs, lagers, stouts and more, beer lovers have plenty of options.

The Verdict

With its menu of loaded gourmet hot dogs, smoky BBQ plates, and onsite fun like axe throwing, Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ offers a one-of-a-kind casual dining experience. Creative toppings take their dogs over the top while BBQ options satisfy comfort food cravings. An upbeat atmosphere with games and local brews makes Crave an ideal hangout. For elevated dogs, beers, and fun in Cotswold, Crave delivers.

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ: A Family-Friendly Spot

With games like axe throwing plus puzzles and activities for kids, Crave aims to be family-friendly spot. Parents appreciate having food and entertainment to keep children occupied. Groups can hang out comfortably in the spacious, brightly lit space. Crave provides a relaxed place where everyone can enjoy good food and fun.

Overall Experience

From its loaded hot dogs to smoky BBQ and local brews, Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ brings creativity and bold flavors to Charlotte’s food scene. Their personalized service and family-friendly vibe enhance the welcoming atmosphere. For imaginative takes on classic comfort food in a lively setting, Crave is a new neighborhood favorite.

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