POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits

Located in Charlotte’s historic Fourth Ward, POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits brings a taste of diverse cuisines to Queen City diners. Housed in the charming Morrison House, this hip eatery excels at small plates with global influences. Since opening in 2016, POPLAR has offered an escape from the ordinary through its eclectic shareable dishes, craft cocktails, and cozy ambiance.

A Culinary Journey at POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits

POPLAR  Tapas. Wine. Spirits
In the heart of Charlotte’s historic Fourth Ward lies a gem of a dining experience, a place that effortlessly fuses international flavors, a relaxed atmosphere, and an extensive selection of wines and spirits. This place is none other than POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits.

Historic Home Turned Hip Restaurant

POPLAR  Tapas. Wine. Spirits
Stepping into POPLAR, guests feel transported to an earlier era within the beautiful Morrison House. Exposed brick, dark wood, antique furniture, and a sweeping staircase speak to the home’s rich history. Pops of color and modern art add contemporary accents.

The dining room accommodates intimate gatherings at small tables or larger groups at custom-built shareable seating. Out front, the patio lined with twinkling lights provides al fresco dining. POPLAR blends historic architecture with a chic, lively setting.

POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits: A Fusion of Flavors

With a menu designed by the experienced Peruvian chef Bruno Macchiavello, POPLAR offers an eclectic range of tapas, entrées, and salads inspired by different parts of the world. Each dish is a culinary journey, with flavors ranging from the traditional to the exotic. Favorites among patrons include the Mac n Cheese and the ceviche, both hailed for their distinctive tastes. The eatery is also known for presenting dishes at different times, enhancing the dining experience by keeping patrons surprised and engaged.

POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits: Small Plates Inspired by Global Flavors

POPLAR’s menu centers around tapas, or small plates, influenced by cuisines worldwide. Guests explore flavors from Peru, Spain, Italy, and beyond through dishes made for sampling and sharing. Charcuterie boards offer artisanal meats and cheeses. Flatbreads topped with chorizo or fig and prosciutto provide comfort. More unique plates like the Peruvian-style pork belly showcase international inspiration.

Diners delight in mixing and matching tapas and seeing how different flavors complement each other. For heartier appetites, larger plates like paella or whole branzino deliver ample portions. POPLAR’s global tapas provide diners a culinary world tour.
POPLAR  Tapas. Wine. Spirits

The Art of the Drink

POPLAR doesn’t just stop at food, the establishment also boasts a full bar with a selection of wines, beers, and liquors. Craft cocktails are a specialty here, with the Peruvian Pisco Sour and the Espresso Martini being particularly popular. Knowledgeable servers like Fernando are always ready to assist in selecting the perfect drink to complement the food, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.

POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits: Cocktail Bar with a Creative Spin

In addition to its food, POPLAR entices guests with handcrafted cocktails that add a unique twist to classics. The bar program focuses on specialty spirits, fresh ingredients, and artful presentation. Peruvian influences come through in options like the pisco sour.

The sangria menu offers white, red, and rosé varieties with fresh fruit purees. Wines from both America and abroad allow pairing with tapas. Those seeking beer find a modest but well-curated draft selection. Cocktails, wine, and ambiance harmonize beautifully at POPLAR.

A Relaxing Ambiance

Housed in the historic Morrison House, POPLAR offers a unique and refined atmosphere. The patio out front, adorned with twinkling lights, provides a perfect setting for a relaxed evening out. This ambiance, coupled with live music, makes for a perfect date night or a girls’ night out. Whether it’s the outdoor seating perfect for intimate conversations, or the cozy indoor tables, the setting ensures a memorable experience.

Live Music Cultivates a Festive Vibe

On certain evenings, POPLAR enhances the dining experience with live music. Solo guitarists and piano players entertain patrons with classic tunes. On the charming front patio, guests enjoy a concert-like ambiance at their own candle-topped tables.

Smooth jazz standards, acoustic covers, and classical melodies add to the already intimate setting. Music provides a memorable flair while allowing relaxed conversations to flow. POPLAR’s live music selections complement the cuisine and cocktails perfectly.

Service beyond Expectation

Service at this establishment is top-notch, with attentive and friendly staff who ensure patrons are well taken care of. Whether it’s the servers like Daniel who are praised for their excellent service or the chef who crafts the delicious dishes, everyone at POPLAR is dedicated to providing a great experience.

Service That Enhances the Overall Experience

In addition to its winning ambiance, food, and drinks, POPLAR receives consistent praise for its personable service. Servers make customers feel at ease whether dining at the bar or an intimate table. Their attentiveness ensures patrons always have what they need.

The staff’s extensive knowledge helps guide diners through the globally inspired menu. Their ability to offer spot-on food and drink recommendations makes exploration easy. POPLAR’s friendly, polished service enhances the unique dining adventure.

POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits: A Neighborhood Treasure

Nestled in the historic Fourth Ward, POPLAR is a charming respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown Charlotte. It offers a touch of character that patrons say is often missing in the city. The eatery’s location also makes it a great starting or ending point for a walk around the historic district, allowing patrons to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

An Atmospheric Escape in Charlotte

For Charlotte residents and visitors alike, POPLAR provides a transportive dining experience marked by historic architecture, eclectic plates, and old-world hospitality. Its intimate rooms and patio offer a respite from the bustle of the city. Shareable tapas and craft cocktails encourage guests to unwind and engage.

Whether enjoying a special occasion dinner or casual weekday bite, POPLAR hits the mark. Its intimate ambiance and innovative cuisine make it a favorite neighborhood escape.

The Verdict

With its historic home setting, globally inspired small plates, and craft bar program, POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits offers a distinct dining adventure in Charlotte. Its intimate ambiance couples with outstanding service to create memorable evenings. Diverse tapas encourage exploration and conversation when shared over wine or cocktails. For an atmospheric evening of flavors from around the world, POPLAR transports patrons to new culinary heights.

Concluding Thoughts

In summary, POPLAR Tapas. Wine. Spirits offers a unique dining experience that combines a fusion of global flavors, a comprehensive selection of beverages, a relaxing ambiance, and top-notch service. Whether it’s a date night, a girls’ night out, or a simple desire to enjoy good food and drinks, this establishment caters to all. The sheer variety of dishes ensures that there’s something for everyone, while the extensive drink menu caters to all preferences. The ambiance, whether indoors or outdoors, is designed to provide a relaxed and refined dining experience. With a dedicated and friendly staff team, the service is as memorable as the food and drinks. All of these elements combine to make POPLAR a must-visit dining destination in Charlotte’s historic Fourth Ward.

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