The Roasting Company

Since 1991, The Roasting Company has been a Charlotte staple for juicy rotisserie chicken in a laidback setting. This homegrown eatery welcomes diners with its signature Costa Rican-style chicken, fresh sides, full bar, and friendly service. With quality ingredients and reasonable prices, The Roasting Company has earned a cult following over its 30-year tenure.
The Roasting Company

About The Roasting Company

Established in 1991, The Roasting Company is an authentic Charlotte gem, known for its fantastic food, great value, and a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. As guests step into its warm ambiance, they are welcomed by a team of passionate individuals, ready to provide swift, friendly service to ensure an exceptional dining experience.
The Roasting Company
This homegrown establishment takes pride in its famous rotisserie chicken, marinated in a unique Costa Rican recipe, known to tantalize taste buds. The menu is a delightful mix of fresh vegetable sides and a diverse range of dishes catering to vegetarians, meat lovers, health-conscious diners, and those looking for a guilty pleasure. Every dish is carefully prepared in-house using locally sourced, natural ingredients, ensuring freshness and flavor in every bite.

An Inviting Atmosphere and Passionate Team

The Roasting Company
Upon entering The Roasting Company, visitors are greeted by a team of passionate and friendly staff. These individuals take pride in providing fast, efficient service, ensuring that every customer feels welcome. The laid-back atmosphere adds to the charm, making it an ideal place to enjoy a casual meal.

The Roasting Company: A Casual, Inviting Atmosphere

Stepping into The Roasting Company, guests immediately feel at ease in the casual space. Ordering takes place at the counter, allowing you to choose chicken meals, sandwiches, salads, and sides. An expansive indoor dining room provides plenty of seating options, from larger tables to an inviting bar.

Outdoor patio seating also accommodates guests when weather permits. The relaxed vibe encourages lingering over rotisserie chicken, local craft beers, and good company. The Roasting Company’s chill atmosphere matches its laidback service style.

The Menu – A Fusion of Flavors

The menu at The Roasting Company caters to a wide range of dietary preferences. Beyond the famed rotisserie chicken, which is marinated in a unique Costa Rican blend, the restaurant offers an array of fresh vegetable sides and dishes that equally satisfy both meat lovers and vegetarians. Notably, the food is prepared in-house using fresh, local ingredients.

The Roasting Company: All About the Chicken

While the menu offers variety, rotisserie chicken remains the star at The Roasting Company. Birds are marinated in a Costa Rican-style blend before rotating slowly over a wood fire. The result is juicy, fragrant, perfectly seasoned chicken with crispy skin.

Chicken plates and sandwiches allow choosing white or dark meat. Hearty quarter, half, and whole birds provide sharable feasts. The rotisserie chicken earns consistent raves for its quality and flavor.

Fresh, House-Made Sides

In addition to the chicken, The Roasting Company’s sides shine with their fresh ingredients and scratch preparation. Longtime favorites like the squash casserole and white bean au gratin have loyal followings. Seasonal sides like baked cinnamon apples reflect what’s fresh.

From pot pies to pasta salads, the repertoire of sides provides options whether you crave something hearty or lighter. The Roasting Company’s sides complete the comforting chicken meals.

The Roasting Company: Local Craft Beers and More

For those who enjoy a good beer with their meal, The Roasting Company boasts a full bar with over 20 local craft beers on tap. The bar adds another layer to the dining experience, encouraging patrons to relax, enjoy their meal, and perhaps discover a new favorite brew.

Local Craft Beer and Full Bar

To accompany its food, The Roasting Company offers a full bar with an emphasis on local brews. With over 20 North Carolina craft beers on tap, the selections rotate to feature the state’s best brewers. Cocktails, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks round out the options.

The laidback bar encourages lingering with a cold one after your meal. Happy hour specials add value, like $4 local drafts on Fridays. Quality drinks at reasonable prices complete the Roasting Company experience.

Consistent Quality and Value Since 1991

Since its establishment in 1991, The Roasting Company has maintained a steadfast commitment to quality and value. The philosophy is simple – high-quality ingredients, great flavors, reasonable prices, and excellent service. This commitment has garnered the eatery a loyal, almost cult-like following.

30 Years of Comfort Food

Since first opening in 1991, The Roasting Company has been a reliable spot for unfussy, satisfying meals in Charlotte. Its signature rotisserie chicken, house-made sides, and full bar keep regulars coming back. The relaxed atmosphere welcomes guests for casual lunches, dinners, and post-work drinks.

On a food scene filled with trendy newcomers, this local favorite demonstrates staying power. Stop by this Charlotte staple for a taste of its famous rotisserie chicken.

Reviews and Testimonials

The Roasting Company’s reputation is not merely built on word of mouth; it is reflected in the glowing reviews and testimonials from regulars. Patrons commend the speedy service, generous portion sizes, and the variety of dishes, particularly the rotisserie chicken. Many also appreciate the availability of outdoor seating and the restaurant’s accommodating hours.

The Verdict

With its legendary rotisserie chicken, hearty sides, and local craft beer, The Roasting Company is a low-key Charlotte classic. Its comfortable, neighborhood vibe couples with friendly service and reasonable prices. Chicken remains the star, with the Costa Rican-style birds earning deserved renown. Beyond chicken, menu variety keeps all diners happy. For unfussy, feel-good meals, The Roasting Company delivers quality and comfort thirty years running.


To conclude, The Roasting Company is a beloved institution in Charlotte, renowned for its flavorful rotisserie chicken, diverse menu, and warm, welcoming atmosphere. The eatery’s commitment to quality and service has earned it a loyal customer base and consistently high reviews. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, a visit to The Roasting Company promises a dining experience that you’d want to relive again and again.

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